Clare Sie

Ms Sie is the pioneer of the Suzuki Piano Method in Singapore where she began teaching Suzuki piano in 1991. Currently Director of Rejoice Music House. Since 1992 to 2009 Clare organised numerous concerts and workshops for Suzuki students and teachers. Her students have performed in Japan at the 10-Piano Concert. In 2002 six students entered the 12th Hong Kong (Asia) Piano Open Competition where one of them won the third prize.

From 1988 to 2003 has studied regularly with Dr Haruko Kataoka, the co-founder of the Suzuki Piano Method both in Japan and the United States.

Clare Sie holds a BA degree in Music with concentrations in piano and music theory pedagogy from the United States. She constantly upgrades her teaching level with frequent excursions to Japan and the United States to participate in pedagogy workshops and 10-Piano Concerts.


Katherine Tyo

Katherine has been an established Suzuki Piano teacher for over 13 years. She has studied piano since 1982 and began her studies of the Suzuki Piano method with Clare Sie in 1999.

Besides that she has studied regularly with Ms Linda Nakagawa, a master teacher from the United States since 2000. In 2005 she took part in intensive training on Suzuki Method in Japan. She has always been participating in seminars and workshops conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal School and Trinity College London to improve her teaching skills.

Katherine is an experienced and patient teacher who has guided students to technical competence and creative expression. For the past few years her students have scored distinctions and merits in Trinity Guildhall examinations.


Linda Nakagawa (Workshops)

Linda received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from California State University, Sacramento, and went on to do graduate work in music at Arizona State University. Beginning in 1985, she studied Suzuki Piano with Dr. Haruko Kataoka, co-founder of the Suzuki Piano Method, and continued to study with her whenever possible.

Since 1990, she has co-directed the Sacramento Suzuki Piano Workshop, which featured Dr. Kataoka for many years. In 1993, she served as co-director for the First International Piano Basics Workshop.

Linda visited Japan to study with Dr. Kataoka since 1994. In 1994 her students participated in 10-Piano Concerts in Matsumoto, Japan. In 1995, Atlanta hosted with 4th International Suzuki Piano Workshop with Dr Kataoka and 21 of Linda’s students participated in the concert for that event. Linda has taught at various workshops in Singapore and throughout the United States, and maintains a studio in Sacramento. Her students have performed at workshops throughout the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Europe. She has directed 6 10-Piano Basics Concerts in Sacramento.

Linda produced and distributed the English translation of Dr Kataoka’s book, Sensibility and Education. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Piano Basics Foundation and holds the office of Treasurer. She is also Piano Coordinator for the Suzuki Music Association of California-Serra Branch.