Rejoice Music specialises in children piano lessons with an aim to nurture young talents who are passionate about music. Our professional piano lessons ignities creativity in them. We believe that music is a way of life and should be given much recognition. Hence, we design customised programs to help your child develop, learn piano and read music in an easy manner.

For children, from absolute beginners to advanced learners, we offer the best piano classes for children in Singapore with a goal to support their musical dreams with a quality music lesson that fosters pride and confidence in their abilities. At Rejoice Music, you will discover the most advanced piano learning with various lessons that will inspire and delight your child to develop into a good perfomer.

When you choose our children piano lessons in Singapore, your child will develop a good sense of music, good technique, and notation reading: these skillsets are essential to enhance their physical and technical learning.

Explore our special needs children piano lessons in Singapore!  Our lessons engage your child to master good mental and physical control as they learn.

Do we have piano lessons for adults? Yes, we do. In fact, at Rejoice Music, we customise piano lessons for adults too. We work hard to tailor each experience to suit your and/or your child’s personality, needs, and interests. Our goal is to ensure you and/or your child are not only learning to play the piano but also develop a passion for music that last a lifetime.

Individual Lessons

Lessons are taught in one-to-one session and accompany by a parent if the child is at age of 3-10 for an interaction and exchange between teacher, student and parent.


Courses for Suzuki Repertoire

  • Book 1 A and B 30 minutes
  • Book 2 A and B 30/45 minutes
  • Book 3A and B 45 minutes
  • Book 4 A and B 45 minutes
  • Book 5 A and B 45/60 minutes


Courses for music theory

  • From grade 1 to grade 8
  • Theory lesson can be conducted with practical, individual or in a small group.


Enrichment Courses

During school holiday, we will have group lesson to enhance students’ musicianship


Special Needs Students


We have experience teaching special needs children as well.